EDM Electric Discharge Machining

CNC manufacturing has been a leader within the machine industry. It seems when you combine computer numerical control CNC to electrical discharge machining EDM there are few if any limits to what can be manufactured. Not that many years ago, EDM tooled products would have seemed as if they appeared by magic.

The first CNC machine was manufactured in 1976; today there are 3 distinctive types of EDM processes. Each of these processes offers a unique product capability. Products that were once beyond manufacturing possibility are now being machined by EDM with computer numeric control. To gain a better understanding of the breadth in machining hat EDM has opened the doors to, let’s take a closer look at each of these processes; wire-cut EDM, ram or sinker EDM and small hole EDM.

EDM Electric Discharge Machining An Innovation Here To Stay

The first process to be discussed is referred to as wire or wire-cut. This CNC machine can be programed to cut very intricate and delicate objects and shapes. This micro technology is extremely accurate and therefore highly predicable, adding to its advantages in custom and bulk manufacturing.

The wire EDM is often used to cut materials that is often hard to impossible to cut with other methodology. A single strand of metal wire can be submerged in dielectric fluid as it is run through the workplace, while the wire is consistently feed from a spool. An advantage of this process is that the dielectric water flushes away the excess cut debris from the cutting zone.

Ram or sinker EDM uses electrical discharges that that can be used to obtain dimensionally specific shapes. These shapes are programed into the machine by CNC. Sinker can also be referred to as cavity type and often uses oil as its dielectric fluid. The electric approaches the work piece, but the two never touch an electric spark is generated and a plasma channel is opened, resulting in the removal of material by dielectric breakdown.

In small hole EDM a unique head is mounted on a wire-cut CNC machine to facilitate the inclusion of passage ways for wire to be thread. Stand-alone small hole CNC machines are also produced and referred to as a super hole popper. These units are commonly used to create small even microscopic orifices for fuel system components.

These microscopic openings or holes could never have been achieved by any other form of known machining technology. The dielectric fluid most often used is distilled or deionized water. The deionized water flows through the unit as both a dielectric fluid and conveniently as a flushing agent.

In the 21st century or demand for greater and greater production speeds and smarter and smarter technologies has opened the door way for a better understanding of or place in the world economies. EDM with CNC programing has the capability to take machine manufacturing any ware we want to go. The next time you see a jetliner overhead, remember that EDM improved its engines efficiency.

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