CNC Machines By Ibarmia

CNC Machines have been the standard that sets the mark since the 1960’s. Advancement of technology beginning in the 1980’s advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machines projected production in many fields far beyond what was ever dreamed of.

Ibarmia is a family owned specialty machine production company that dates back three generations and more than 60 years. For decades, Ibarmia has been known as the one to call when a specific machine is needed. But what sets Ibarmia apart? Ibarmia has the technology, the facilities, the means and the ability to mass produce any CNC machine they choose and flood the market. But they do not. Why? Ibarmia is not interested in having the most machines in the field. The heart of Ibarmia is not about quantity, it is about quality. Their goal is not to put an Ibarmia CNC machine in every shop. Their goal is to put the right machine in their client’s possession. They never want a client to have to adjust their production to what the machine is designed to do. They want to design a machine to do exactly what the client wants it to do. That basic difference is what makes Ibarmia the leader in the industry.

In today’s market there are more types of CNC machines than we could list here. From lathe machines, to milling machines, to specialty machines CNC is the most efficient and profitable tool available to quality production. Ibarmia specialized in moving column machine centers for speed and maximized production. They employ world class engineers and provide technical assistance and maintenance. A CNC Machine is going to require training, knowledge and learning. Training and support is included with the purchase. Ibarmia is so dedicated to their customer base and their machines that they form long term and personal relationships with more than 90% of their clients. Their clients know they have support and assistance if they need help. It is not just about buying a machine and being left with it. No matter what type of CNC Machine or what country the client is in, they get the same attention to detail and quality that has kept Ibarmia thriving for all these years. They offer service contracts and preventative maintenance to keep their CNC machines running smoothly. They make every effort to keep the most important parts on hand and in stock in the event that something does go down through the years. In an effort to support every customer in this ever growing industry, Ibarmia is in the process of setting up a worldwide service network to respond to any need quickly and efficiently.

In the world of CNC Machines, Ibarmia is the leader and the one most companies rely on to keep their production running.

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