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How Is Swiss Type Affecting The CNC Manufacturing Industry


The CNC or computer numerical control manufacturing business is the way a lot of products are produced today on a massive scale. The CNC industry uses computers that are programmed to make many high demand products in our society today.

The CNC typically controls a machine or lathe that cuts to precision a particular piece for making materials or finished products. The products include parts or products for the medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace field. The products or pieces made from these machines can be cut to a certain precision and done in a certain amount of time.

Large scale manufacturing firms use these CNC machines in large scale production work. The machines are known to cut on many different types of axes. These machines are programmable but sometimes the machine has to be stopped to reset the task. The regular CNC machine is best for large scale production. The CNC machine may take more setups than one for grinding, drilling and the likes.

The Swiss Type is a kind of computer numerical control machine that provides incomparable precision and is one of the most accurate lathe machines on the market today. The Swiss Type of CNC machine was known to originate for making of Swiss watches that require exact precision. The Swiss Type machines are known to be very precise but also to be very time saving machines.

The Swiss Type CNC is known to be very efficient. Aside from being very precise it will also save more time than the typical CNC machine. This is because the Swiss Type does all the operations in one cycle eliminating the need for more cycles. This allows for faster and more care free operation of the machine. It may not have to be attended to for hours because all the operations of drilling, grinding and even finishing can all be done together on these machines.

The Swiss Types are excellent for a run of complex precise parts. These jobs have small batch work and can save time and money on your other CNC machines. This why they are excellent for use in making small parts like dental equipment. The Swiss type machines are also known to be superior for making any kind of long slender part. This means you can get a slender and polished product made very efficiently using the Swiss type machine.

The special holding mechanism called the guide bush is the key to all this precision finishing. The y-axis movement is great for saving time in accomplishing all your tasks. One drawback in using the Swiss Type machines is the use of oil instead of water for cutting so the machine can get rather hot to touch. Other than that small note the Swiss Type of machine is gaining in popularity in the Computer Numerical Control manufacturing industry.

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