About Us

M.T.T Machinery Ltd. is a part of Comtal Group since 2009

M.T.T Machinery Ltd. is concetranted in being a sole agency of world leading machinery manufacturers & equipment around the globe and conveniently located in the center of Israel with exhibition hall, logistic warehouse, demonstration room, repair lab and offices.

M.T.T Machinery is active in two main fileds:

Representing Mainly:

​Our Strength:

  • Proefessional Tailor made Solutions.
  • A Stat of The Art Service Department.
  • Over 40 Years of Experience.
  • Technological and Engineering Market Leaders 

M.T.T Machinery Ltd/ exclusively represents leading machinery manufacturers & equipment of Milling Machines, lathes and machining centers and electro-erosion.

We have extensive experience in marketing, sales, service and technical support and specialize in best tailored made solutions that fit customer's needs,

Company M.T.T Machinery Ltd. espoused a customer service charter and doing everything possible to provide its customers with creative solutions from design, through implementation and support, towards complete satisfaction.

Vist Us at: www.comtal.co.il

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